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The Center is expanding . . .

Its ripple effect is now extending to Asia!
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CenterQuest ASIA is set to inaugurate its first official cohort (Cohort 1) this October 2024 (with Opening Residency retreat by first week of December), following the successful launch of its pilot last January, 2023.

With the final completion of its pilot cohort cycle last April 2024, preparations are already underway for the official launch of a brand new cohort with a faith goal of 35 participants to come on board.

View CQ Asia Residency Retreat Highlights video HERE!

View CQ Asia Graduation Ceremony Highlights video HERE!

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CenterQuest (CQ) - is an ecumenical hub for the study and practice of Christian spirituality. CQ began in 2013 and launched the inaugural cohort of its hybrid School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) training program in 2015. After successfully running five cohorts internationally, CQ Asia-SSD pilot program was formally launched last January 2023. Following the tenth year anniversary of CenterQuest, CQ Asia is inaugurating its first official cohort (Cohort 1) beginning October 2024 to April 2026 with the Opening Residency scheduled on Dec. 2-7, 2024.


The design of our hybrid program (combination of residential component with online learning modality) is distinct.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together summarized answers to the most commonly raised concerns about our SSD program.

Application Process

After acquainting yourself with our Program Overview and the FAQ document you may begin the application process.

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"God has lovingly graced me to experience His great love in CQAsia-SSD. I felt like God gently loving me, transforming my heart to be humble and gentle through the compassionate, patient and loving accompaniment of my mentors and mentoring group. The course is well organized with a contemplative rhythm. I so appreciate CQ's stance which is contemplative-evocative, enabling me to be a more contemplative person, more attentive to the presence of God in my life and in everything. I will always treasure in my heart the ecumenical experience I have lived with my beloved community of companions."


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"The CQ School of Spiritual Direction is such a rich venue where theory and praxis cohere tightly together within the context of a supportive community. My own experience was transformative and that would not have been possible without my mentoring group.  I have been involved in several training programs in spiritual direction and I can confidently claim that my mentoring group experience is unique to CQ. There, hospitality and compassion are offered and the contemplative-evocative approach is modeled. Within that kind of environment one learns by osmosis."

Metro Manila, PH

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Meet Our CQ Asia
Core Team

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A Decade in Review

For general inquiries about the CQ Asia-SSD, contact
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