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with CQ Asia-SSD

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CQ Asia-SSD Facebook Page

We just recently launched a new site page on Facebook. Keep abreast on the latest news and developments with CQ Asia-SSD by following us (just click HERE!). Feel free to invite others who may be interested!

SSD Regular Applications (RA) Kick Off

Super Early Bird (SEB) officially closed last March 15 with 15 accepted applicants. SSD Regular Applications (RA) are now going on with a new deadline: August 31, 2022.


TWELVE (12) open spots remain to filled up on a first come, first served basis. Apply early! For more info, check out our CQ Asia Info Site, particularly our  "Applications" page by clicking HERE!

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2022 Soul Companioning Dates
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Soul Companioning class is a requirement to participate in the CQ Asia-SSD training program. We. just finished the May/June class with 27 participants from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea, Vietnam.  

The final offering for this year will be this Aug./Sept. We encourage people to register early (this eCourse offering is OPEN to anybody interested in learning the basics of spiritual accompaniment). Deadline to sign up is July 15. For more info, check out our main CQ website page by clicking HERE!

Basic Intro Trilogy (BIT) eCourse

As a pre-requisite for our accepted applicants for CQ Asia-SSD, we have combined three separate introductory courses into one six-week class to provide a basic background in the fields of Christian spirituality, spiritual formation, and spiritual disciplines.  For the basic course description, click HERE! The last scheduled offering of BIT will be this Sept. 5-Oct. 15, 2022. Sign up early.

For more info, click HERE!

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QUEST Spirituality Library Set-Up

CQ Asia-SSD aims to set up a small library (called QUEST Spirituality Library) that can house all the required and recommended books to be used for the SSD program. We would welcome book donations from anyone and we would be more than eager to furnish you a listing of the spiritual direction books we need. Please email us if you are interested to help in this regard (

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SSD Residential Retreat Venues

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The entire 16-month SSD hybrid program (a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online learning modality) is bracketed by two residential retreat components: Opening Residency (OR) and Closing Residency (CR). For our six-day Opening Residency in Jan. 25-30, 2023, it will be held at the newly renovated and refurbished Mirador Jesuit Villa in Baguio City.


Our eight-day Closing Residency scheduled for April 14-21, 2024 will be at St. Paul Center for Renewal in Alfonso, Cavite City. Both places have already been

booked for our the exclusive

use of CQ Asia-SSD.

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Mirador Jesuit Villa
Baguio City

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St. Paul Center for Renewal
Cavite City

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