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The design of our 16-month hybrid program (combination of residential component with online learning modality) is distinct. The unique format and overall structure of our training emerge out of CenterQuest's own distinctive features. To have a quick look at our top ten features, click HERE! (You can also view their expounded explanations via Vimeo by clicking HERE). The particular thrust of our CQ Asia SSD program is equally distinct (click HERE for more info).

For a good overview of the entire program designed specifically for our CQ Asia pilot launch, click HERE to proceed to our main CenterQuest website. The site page provides key information covering the following areas:

- Basic application process

- Prerequisites

- Program Components

- Participant Cost

- Program Flow

For the CQ Asia-SSD Visual Overview Calendar version, click HERE.


Prior to applying, we require that applicants familiarize themselves first with the CQ SSD Program Overview to make sure they have a good grasp of what the training program entails and demands in terms of preparation, schedule, structure, curriculum, etc.

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