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After acquainting yourself with our Program Overview, along with the Program Curriculum and the FAQ document you may begin the application process. Currently we are running Super Early Bird (SEB) applications until mid-April of 2024 or until the 20 limited spots are filled up, whichever comes first. Immediately after that, regular applications (RA) kick in until July 31, which is the final deadline for CQ Asia-SSD Cohort 1 application. In the interest of full disclosure, we ask that you confirm that you have thoroughly gone through these three important references mentioned above prior to attending to the application itself.

Additionally, it is important that before proceeding with the process, you review our offered guidelines for discerning whether you do possess a basic call to the ministry of spiritual companioning. This is found in the Preliminary section of the Application page on our main CQ website.

IMPORTANT: We do expect our applicants to have a history of being in direction for at least a minimum of six months to a year (ideally) prior to the official start of the SSD program. This prerequisite is rooted in the experience and wisdom of the Christian community’s practice of spiritual guidance and generally is accepted as a guideline in most, if not all, spiritual direction programs. Part of the rationale is that one fundamental way we learn to be spiritual directors is by being in direction ourselves. This is also the reason why we require participants to be in spiritual direction on a monthly basis while going through the program. That being said, the interviewing committee treats each applicant and his/her unique situation singularly, and we reserve the right to make legitimate exceptions if our communal judgment and discernment lead us to do so. If you need a good referral for spiritual director, check out our SD Referral Network for CQ Asia by clicking HERE!

We are directing you to our main CQ website to actually fill out the application form. We prefer that you accomplish the application online but we also provide the offline option if necessary. Likewise, we prefer that the three required recommendations be submitted online. You may provide the direct online link to each of your chosen recommenders (Personal, Academic, Ministerial).

To start the CQ SSD-Asia application process, proceed to the Application page of our main CQ website by clicking HERE (Note: As stated above, CQ Asia-SSD Cohort 1 is running Super Early Bird Applications (SEB) until mid April and immediately followed by the Regular Applications (RA) period after that until July 31, 2024 as the final deadline for applications.

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